WIP: 2/11 -2 Mixed Media

Busy weekend for painting this weekend.  “Practice makes perfect” and I am going full steam ahead with this.  I am submitting my art work for the first time at the member show this year with our local art council.  I have previously submitted my photography but this year it will be my artwork and I am really excited about this.  I haven’t decided what I am submitting yet, but I am enjoying the creative part of figuring that out!

This WIP is mixed media and a combination of Jane Davenport’s aqua pastels, prima pencils, pen and ink, scrap paper, windsor newton watercolors, charcoal pencils.

When She Becomes Alive

This is my favorite part.  I never really thought about it, but since I am painting more and more, I can’t help but notice the collection I have created.  I started documenting with my phone my progress in my art journal paintings.  This is a point that I feel I can stop and where I am.  I realized I had a collection and took a look last night of these stops, here are just some of them.  I’m grateful for starting with learning to draw a face.  For me, something comes out of me and goes into the face that I wasn’t aware was even there.  The eyes are a window into a soul so there comes a point when that window is looking back at me and I can relate to her and another process begins.  I never experienced this before or knew that I could.  In experiencing this, it doesn’t matter the end result, which is what I always thought was the most important thing, it’s not.  I love what I am learning in these paintings about the process, myself, and where I am going in this journey.  These eyes are not done and my current painting, but she is alive now 🙂

Rose Girl

I feel like I am always trying to challenge myself and try different things.  I use to give up very easily.  Things i would work on would get put aside if I didn’t like the way they were turning out.  When I was working on this portrait, I struggled during the drawing.  I was trying to draw a more realistic face and it just wasn’t working.  I ended up drawing her eyes several times.  When I first painted her, she looked like a criminal and was very mean.  I didn’t get a good feeling at all when I completed the first color in her face.  I’m learning and have learned to trust this process and keep going and I’m glad I did. Rose Girl is created with all watercolors.