Dahlias! Fine Art Flower Photography


Lately I can’t seem to get enough of flowers. Not just photographing them, but also just being in their presence. My summers are usually all about sunflowers but this year the Dahlias have just over taken me. Recently I met Nina, at Patchwork Dahlias who grows these beautiful flowers! She has such beautiful blooms and provided me with such amazing blooms!!! I was and am so inspired. I wanted to do these flowers justice and took them into the studio and here is a preview of what I am working on.  I’ve spent all weekend with these beautiful flowers and have a lot more to share in the future.  Fine Art Prints of these and others available soon.

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Flowers Art & Photography!

This summer, one of my goals was, and still is, to explore manual focus and photograph differently than I have in the past.  I am seeing things so much differently this summer. These flowers were taken this past weekend and I am very proud of them.  All of them were done with manual focus.   A few of these are actually practice shots taken at my home.  I wasn’t even considering using manual focus a year ago, but it’s reawakened my love for photography.  A lot of these I am also going to also paint this winter.  I have learned over the years to follow my heart.  One of the things my heart loves and I enjoy immensely is flowers and butterflies.  My heart just lights up when I am near flowers and butterflies.  I’m still going through the photographs taken in the last several weeks but these and more are available on my website for purchase.  More to come!

These Dahlias and more are available for purchase by going here:  Flowers and Butterflies

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Flowers and Classes

Recently a few sales came out on Creative Live for classes and they came at the perfect time for me. I was in the middle of acquiring lenses, and selling lenses I no longer used.  One of the classes was Creating Painterly Photographs by Kathleen Clemons.   I have and love photographing flowers and butterflies, but I have been wanting to explore this further and on a deeper level.   Macro photography and still live and painterly seems to be where I am living at the moment and I LOVE it.  Kathleen is an amazing flower photographer and the simplicity of her methods are even more amazing:

Here are a few I have taken since the class.

Here is a link to this class if you would like to take it yourself: Click for class

Kathleen uses Lensbaby lenses a lot in her photography, and I almost purchased two of them but in the end couldn’t do it.  Soft focus is a challenge for me and while I love the effects that can be created with these lenses, some of the effects I just don’t like at all, but that is just me.  I have spent years learning and growing in what I photographs and getting clear sharp focus and struggled in the past with my photographs being too soft.  This new way (softer) on purpose is challenging enough for me.  It bothered me a great deal not being able to control where my focus was (on the lenses) and where the blur was on those lenses.   It’s there, you have to work with it.  In saying that, you control where you put the focus and the blur in your pictures but you have no control on the effect for those lenses but it’s in the sense, that is what they are for.  For this type of photography and if that is what you want, it’s great but I ended up purchases two lenses and lens filters to go with them and recreated something on my own that I can take off when I don’t want the effect and want sharpness.  I will most likely purchase a lensbaby in the future but for now, I love what I am creating without and what I have created on my own.  The bokeh that my current lenses produces is so pretty I am going to live there awhile!

Prints are available for purchase on my website.

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