Happy Friday and weekend Everyone!

Here is a recent water lily I photographed at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.  It started raining and I loved photographing the drops falling in the water.  Lucky for me I had a umbrella.  Have a wonderful Friday!  Rainy Water Lily and other photographs like this can also be seen by following my other instagram account dedicated to my love for butterflies, dragonflies and flowers @butterflies_dragonflies_Flowrs.  Prints are also available by clicking here.

Longwood Gardens is now one of my favorite places.  If you haven’t ever had the pleasure of visiting, click here for more information.

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A Narrow-Banded Owl Butterfly – Happy Sunday!

A Narrow-Banded Owl Butterfly photograph I took yesterday.  He caught my eye immediately hanging on a tent.  I couldn’t get over the contrast in colors with the blues and the browns. They never cease to amaze me! Happy Sunday everyone!  Follow us @butterflies_dragonflies_Flowrs on instagram for daily Butterflies, Flowers and Inspiration.  Also available for purchase by clicking here.

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A Monarch for Friday

TGIF everyone!  Here is a recent photograph of a Monarch butterfly.  Monarchs and Blue Morpho butterflies are my absolute favorite.  I am so blessed to have a place to visit them so close to my home.  Have a great Friday everyone!

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Art Journal Sunday

Completed another portrait in my art journal a few days ago.  I’ve really been working on my drawing, proportions and also my watercolor painting of faces and that was this girls only purpose.  The techniques I learned for this girl are new for me and challenging but closer to what I have been chasing and where I want to go .  Watercolors are so challenging but so amazing to me.  You can do so many different things and different techniques and I am enjoying learning and painting and discovering what I can do with them.  I have already drawn a few more since learning these new skills and will continue to paint and stay here.  I feel comfortable here and going to stay here awhile.

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