Introducing my new instagram dedicated exclusively to Butterflies, Dragonflies and flowers.  I love photographing and now painting flowers, butterflies especially and dragonflies.  I love it not only for their beauty, and all of their wonderful details, but also for the challenge.  It’s a quest and process that I never grow tired of.  This year one of my challenges is learning how to paint them and doing more art with them in addition to photography.  I have challenged myself not only in this area but also to share daily inspiration through this new instagram that I have dedicated just for them.  I have been photographing Butterflies, Dragonflies and Flowers since 2006 and have a lot of photographs but also have a lot that have never been processed. In light of this I decided to share daily and share my love on a daily basis of these wonderful things.  This is my daily 365 challenge.  Please follow us on Instagram and on Facebook for your daily inspirations.  All photography and art posted daily are available as prints by clicking the link on the top of this page.  Thank you for support if you have any questions or request, please feel free to contact me!

WIP: 2/11 -2 Mixed Media

Busy weekend for painting this weekend.  “Practice makes perfect” and I am going full steam ahead with this.  I am submitting my art work for the first time at the member show this year with our local art council.  I have previously submitted my photography but this year it will be my artwork and I am really excited about this.  I haven’t decided what I am submitting yet, but I am enjoying the creative part of figuring that out!

This WIP is mixed media and a combination of Jane Davenport’s aqua pastels, prima pencils, pen and ink, scrap paper, windsor newton watercolors, charcoal pencils.

When She Becomes Alive

This is my favorite part.  I never really thought about it, but since I am painting more and more, I can’t help but notice the collection I have created.  I started documenting with my phone my progress in my art journal paintings.  This is a point that I feel I can stop and where I am.  I realized I had a collection and took a look last night of these stops, here are just some of them.  I’m grateful for starting with learning to draw a face.  For me, something comes out of me and goes into the face that I wasn’t aware was even there.  The eyes are a window into a soul so there comes a point when that window is looking back at me and I can relate to her and another process begins.  I never experienced this before or knew that I could.  In experiencing this, it doesn’t matter the end result, which is what I always thought was the most important thing, it’s not.  I love what I am learning in these paintings about the process, myself, and where I am going in this journey.  These eyes are not done and my current painting, but she is alive now 🙂