New Painting – Dreamer

My latest painting I completed late last night. This year, one of my resolutions was to challenge myself artistically and finish my classes. There are a lot of things here that I have never done and things that I need to work on but what I am happy with her and feel I accomplished expressing what I was after. A girl who is daydreaming and escaping in her flowers and pink wine on a dreary day somewhere fabulous. 

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Bloom II – I Am A Flower, Just Watch Me Bloom


Before and After of Bloom 2 was created with watercolors, Primsa Pencils, Aqua Pastels, Scrap Paper, Gesso and digital elements.  I have goals that I am working on artistically as well as personally and am feeling a great sense of accomplishment lately.  Almost a feeling of starting to bloom.

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WIP: 2/11 -2 Mixed Media

Busy weekend for painting this weekend.  “Practice makes perfect” and I am going full steam ahead with this.  I am submitting my art work for the first time at the member show this year with our local art council.  I have previously submitted my photography but this year it will be my artwork and I am really excited about this.  I haven’t decided what I am submitting yet, but I am enjoying the creative part of figuring that out!

This WIP is mixed media and a combination of Jane Davenport’s aqua pastels, prima pencils, pen and ink, scrap paper, windsor newton watercolors, charcoal pencils.

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